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joining in...

May 21, 2008 at 12:30 AM
So where does one signup to contribute?

ive been with .net since......... dont even remembe.r,  .net alpha, ?

im building a statewide application.,  at this moment im building it in winforms, simply because i know it inside and outside, and i just want the product v1 completed., somewhere along v2 or v3 i want to make it completely wpf.. and at that time i will convert my web services into a wcf... anyway., long story short...  .net charting controls, templating, all the wpf controls, user controls., so much stuff you can do... and a lot of the stuff is already done that you can simple ref and use it., but.... that stuff is EXPENSIVE!!, i just saw some .net wpf controls costing $1200.00 COMMON!!!

so... i want to join, i probably wont have a lot of time to give input in the begining, a lot of questions as ill want to learn., but after i get the hang of it., i plan on creating a bunch of controls., skinable controls., so that it looks pretty., im not just a developer... i came from a design background., and now i.... am a cto.. .so., im not really a developer anymore., but design + develop is what i like, i like hands on stuff., anyway., i wanted to know how i can join this project., i will probably search for others., as i want to create more than just the library, id like to create some direct references for winforms developers to start using wpf directly.,